Art , Design And Craft

Art – for me it is a way of exhibiting  any creative form be it painting , dance , music etc
it is something that satisfies any individuals intellect.

Design– Design has different connotations in different fields.  Representation of a purpose  either digitally  or through sketch.  Anything and everything around us is a design . for instance , a table or  any  object  around us is a design.

Craft– It is something inventive , innovative and experimental.  Crafts are manually done which requires skill.  Like origami or kirigami comes under craft.



As my design intervention area  I chose space styling. Space styling to me is designing or exploring an area.
My store needed a lot to be done with it. Hence, space styling  was required. I worked on finding modern solutions which were also feasible and made the shop look least crowded.

Ideas for my design intervention are:

– to insert movable racks
– a big mirror which isnt hidden
– overhead cabinets to be put
– trial rooms with door
– billing machine both cash and through card

The 2D Mappp

Now we have to start with 2D map of the macro area, at first it sounded crazy but we managed to do it.
Beginning with a rough sketch in our diaries and then compiling the best elements from each map for our final one.  Material used was sun board. Well, we thought of showing something like a blueprint and it appeared to be nice. It was a tedious process however we managed to produce a decent looking and a neat map. Felt great at the end of it.
The next thing waiting for us was a 3D map of our Micro area which was another task to be done urghh!

Micro Area

We shortlisted 4-5 micro areas, towards the end we got to know more about the micro area and were confident about it.
We considered ‘Atul chart’ to be one of the first micro area. The eatry joint was very crowded and unhygienic . the visual appeal wasn’t pleasing.

The next shop was a clothing store ‘Incense’ . There were mannequins placed outside the shop which gave a very unattractive  and shabby feel. The inside looked more congested and the racks were overcrowded leaving no place to walk.

We then went to observe a cosmetic store called ‘juno’.  It was a compact shop , with no promotional aspect . The quality of the products was not guaranteed even though people come and by stuff knowing the fact it sells fake stuff.

The Last shop we stumbled upon was ‘Stush’ , it was a footwear store , rectangular form and flooded with footwear everywhere leaving no place to sit . The shop wasn’t very well kept and it wasn’t spacious at all.


In the second visit each student had a different perspective and view regarding the market . This time went a bit late when the market begin to get crowded. We made notes about the the visual , social , product culture in our logbooks. We visited various shops  and observed them carefully in order to search for design intervention area. It was hot again so we sat in a bakery to bring our cool back and by the end of the visit we managed a productive day. Also, we were required to make few sketches on the spot of the macro area (Rajouri Garden) .
And so the day ended , stay tuned for more posts guys!

About the Market

We went to our allotted area The Rajouri Garden Market which is a local market in West Delhi. Market is a mix of clothing , food joints, salons, footwear shops, cafes etc.
I was excited in the beginning that we are going outdoor for our work but it was hell hectic . This visit involved us to explore , observe, and click pictures . Amazing food at atul chaat made us forget about the weather for a while since it was so hot .
My next visit  will be explained in the upcoming post


And the Last Module begins!!! The previous module was quite strenuous. I was completely unaware of  what the next module is going to deliver but surely can tell this one’s going to be interesting.
This module is beyond studying in class and exploring the outdoor area. Every  class was allotted a market/mall/tourist destination located in Delhi. We were allotted with Rajouri market . So, basically we had to identify areas in the market that needed  some improvisation and design solutions and coming down to one Micro area  and working on it using a Design Intervention. We had few visits to the market in order to observe and then implement in our micro area.
Keep reading for more updates!!

Visual Board

I’m gonna share some images of my work done in the visual diary.  It captures motifs , types of weave , mind map , self derived motifs and panja weaving.


Mind map of panja Durrie


types of weave




Mind map of Kilim


panja machine


Panja weaver, weaving in the mill


Self derived motifs