Micro Area

We shortlisted 4-5 micro areas, towards the end we got to know more about the micro area and were confident about it.
We considered ‘Atul chart’ to be one of the first micro area. The eatry joint was very crowded and unhygienic . the visual appeal wasn’t pleasing.

The next shop was a clothing store ‘Incense’ . There were mannequins placed outside the shop which gave a very unattractive  and shabby feel. The inside looked more congested and the racks were overcrowded leaving no place to walk.

We then went to observe a cosmetic store called ‘juno’.  It was a compact shop , with no promotional aspect . The quality of the products was not guaranteed even though people come and by stuff knowing the fact it sells fake stuff.

The Last shop we stumbled upon was ‘Stush’ , it was a footwear store , rectangular form and flooded with footwear everywhere leaving no place to sit . The shop wasn’t very well kept and it wasn’t spacious at all.


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