Keeping up with Kilim

BACK to you guyss! Lately I have been so focused on work that I forgot to notify you about what exactly are KILIMS?, their origin, techniques and procedures to build them.  So, Kilims are flat tapestry woven carpets or rugs which are dated back to 5th century BC in Central Asia.  Kilim is a Persian word though  which means ‘to spread roughly’.  You might get confused between carpets , rugs and Kilims.  However, all are alike except the fact that carpets are more durable and lavish than Kilims.
The design and colour dyes make it look more attractive for the people to buy  for regular uses like ‘prayer rugs’ or ‘floor coverings’. Nowadays these have the essence of carpets which makes it more commercial and are utilised as decorative articles.
And yeah guys I will post more often so hang in there…

Reference: Noah. History of Nomadic Kilims and Carpets.
Retrieved from


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