Hey, I Gaurika Dhawan student of Pearl Academy would like to share a part of me. Half a year of college has already passed and it’s been a great experience until now. What I aim at is neither facile nor strenuous. I’m fully prepared to fight the obstacles come what may. Apart from my goals I have fondness for music ,  nature , animals. Also, I love capturing random souls or artefacts.
I worship dance, not a single day goes away when I don’t dance, its there in my spirit. It has been a month now that I indulged  myself  in reading novels or short articles. ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ an exciting , creative , refreshing and soul-satisfying read!
always on the verge of losing my mind.


to begin with, babathestylist sails you through the journey of my existance.  I was never passionate about writing stuff  but now that I’m into this I would like to unfold my hidden areas.  My few  upcoming blog  posts will notify you with Kilims of Iran and Durries of India.
-Everything old is officially new again-


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